Frequently Asked Questions

More often than not, someone who is just learning about CreditSmarts will ask, "How do I find information about each lender?" You can find the answers to this question and more below.

  • What features does the CreditSmarts System offer?

    Instant Loan Approvals, Direct Communication Channel with your Lenders, Automated Application Filter Routing, Read Friendly Credit Bureau Access, Online Loan Documents, Web Site Hosting, Customer Data Storage.
  • Can my negative credit customers get financing through my CreditSmarts site?

    Yes, Absolutely. In fact, almost anyone that comes to your office can get financing using CreditSmarts's best-in-class class.
  • What should I do if I have forgotten my User ID or password?

    If you lost your password, please email for a new one.
  • How is my CreditSmarts account billed?

    Standard billing is by merchant account (visa, m/c, American Express). Online loan contracts are purchased point of sale. You can find more about how to contact CreditSmarts on our website
  • What system requirements are needed to use CreditSmarts?

    A standard personal computer with internet access should suffice. Internet Explorer 5.5 and above is preferred.
  • Haven't found the answer to your question?

    Please email your questions to A CreditSmarts Team Member is always eager to help!